Najave - Valamar Trail 2019

Valamar Trail 2019

Valamar Trail 2019

Datum i vrijeme: 28.9.2019. 7:00 - 28.9.2019. 0:00

Organizator: SRK Alba i Sportbox Buzet

Lokacija: Rabac

Ulaznica: Kotizacija za natjecatelje

Valamar Trail has captivated runners locally and internationally and It has quickly grown to become one of the best trail races in Croatia.
We offer three different courses, from the short GREEN trail to the prestigious RED. With the start/finish line situated next to the sealine, this is probably one of the most beautiful place to start your adventure. 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

➡️ 61,1 km | D+ 1.990 m | D- 1.990 m

Oh, yeah! Our royal course will give you everything you came for and more. Narrow single trails, a little bit of coastering, deep forests, highest hills, steepest uphills, rocky hell, medieval town and the greatest panoramas you can buy.

➡️ 35,1 km | D+ 1.160 m | D- 1.160 m

A course for everyone. You will enjoy running over single trails by the sea, 35,1 km long course will give you enough to prepare yourself for the next year’s RED course.

➡️ 11,2 km | D+ 440 m | D- 440 m

Our shortest course, for beginners only. 11,2 km long, or should we say short, the course will lead you from Rabac to the Ripenda village and back, following the best single trails you can imagine.